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Imagine that you are watching a film on TV based on a true story and that you are interested in details of those true events. Or that you are watching a music video and you want to know where the artist is on tour and where to buy tickets for their concert. Or maybe you want to quickly get to the recipe that chef is preparing on your favorite cooking show. Right now, you have to search for this information by manually typing into a search engine.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could get to this information with less effort?
With Beyond Seen Screen the content producers and advertisers can link information to the video content. Viewers no longer just passively receive video content but can interact and engage with it. The additional content that the user receives depends solely on the creativity and marketing goals of the content creator. This interaction will seamlessly guide the user to an online marketplace, streamlining the viewing to purchase experience.

Entertainment and information

Effortless access to content related games, bloopers, interviews, VR/AR experience, etc. Enrich live content on second screen with scoreboards, replays, polls, etc.

Seamless shopping

Products and services from the video content are available for direct online shopping.

Permission marketing

Engage your viewers through permission marketing and personalization, increase your marketing effectiveness and generate new revenue streams.

Our business

See beyond screen

Sometimes you watch a movie but cannot remember the name of the lead actor? Or you watch a movie trailer and want to find out when you can buy tickets?

Did a commercial advertisement interest you? Want more information? Using a web search engine too much work?

Beyond Seen Screen presents the BSS application that allows you to scan the video content that you are watching with your smartphone or tablet and easily and quickly get you more information about it.

It is as easy as focusing your smartphone or tablet onto your video content. Beyond Seen Screen does the rest and instantly directs you to the information you seek. It is that simple. The platform is designed to enable content creators and advertisers to link engaging information to their content in a user friendly way.

Unparalleled technology

The possibilities are endless

Technology is at the core of all that we do at Beyond Seen Screen. We are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone. Click below to learn more about the technology behind our B2B Startup.

Meet the founders

Mario Drevenšek

CEO & co-founder

Miroslav Zarić

CMO & co-founder

Krešimir Puljić

CTO & co-founder




"The first time I saw Beyond Seen Screen it piqued my imagination. This technology can easily work on VHS, blu ray, TV, or with any video medium. That is why we are going to use this service. It will tie additional information to assets playing on our TV channels, creating a more immersive experience for our viewers."

Igor Rakonić
CEO, Discovery Film&Video

"Viewers today want interactive content because of technological advancements. Linear television alone does not meet these demands because of it’s inability to present related content in an organized way. Beyond Seen Screen solves this issue by being non disruptive to the programming. It allows us to add layers of information without having to restructure our broadcast schedule. In my opinion, Beyond Seen Screen will set a new standard in the media world."

Dubravko Merlić
CEO, Castor Multimedia

"Beyond Seen Screen provides innovative interconnection of offline and online in marketing space. Our Neuralab production can treat any interactive video as blank canvas and add any additional information on top of it."

Krešimir Končić
CEO, Neuralab

"We were amazed by the amount of work already invested in BSS platform and it was really a no-brainer joining this incredible team to help them showcase and market their product to the public eye."

Alen Huskanović
CEO, Async Labs

"We have experience firsthand a number of obstacles preventing us from taking video to the next level, and we recognize the potential of the solution the team at BeyondScreen is creating to enable a more immersive experience and open ecosystem."

Ari Cohen
CEO, Vibby

"Today, video is a predominant way to relay messages and ideas, to get people to stick to your product and service. With Beyond Seen Screen, I can now offer even more to my clients - to link additional information on top of their videos in an easy manner."

Oleg Weisz
CEO, Promo Video Produkcija

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