What we detect

When people watch video content, they want to enjoy true, original content and they want to skip repetitive or uninteresting parts of content.

In case of TV shows and movies, they want to skip repetitive show intros, end credits and previous episode recaps, especially when binge watching. In case of watching sports on demand, they want to skip channel promos, commercials and anything else not game related.

If VOD platforms want to allow their viewers to enjoy these features, they need to have information about when these segments appear in video content.

This is where we come in – we take video files containing TV shows, movies or sports events, process them and generate a report containing start and end timecodes of show intros, recaps, end credits, production company logo prerolls, channel promos, commercials, next game announcements and all other timecodes of interest.

How we work

You provide us with video files (which can be watermarked low resolution copies) and we process them and generate a report for you which contains exact start and end timecodes of each detected segment that you need.

We can work with you to define custom rules that will be used to produce the timecodes and we can also produce the report in custom format to fit your needs. There is no need to install any software within your facility.

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