What is ExRey

ExRey is a video recognition technology and a web platform built upon it designed to allow viewers to use their smartphone to scan the video they are watching and receive additional information related to the content that was scanned.

This technology can be integrated into third party applications to provide additional user experiences. Some use cases include scanning a sports game and being taken directly to an online betting platform, scanning a movie and getting offered with direct shopping of items placed within those movies, scanning a promotional TV show and getting offered a loyalty program of brands being promoted and scanning a kids show and being provided with additional educational or entertaining content.

But are viewers really interested in the additional information related to the video content they are watching?

Research shows that:

  • 45% of users between 18-34 years and 55% of users from 35 to 54 years use their smartphone while watching TV
  • 61% request additional information while watching TV
  • Almost 50% search for products while watching TV
  • 27% purchase products while watching TV
  • 23% of all Internet searches via smartphones has to do with what people watch on TV
  • 28% look for the product that is being advertised

When viewers scan a movie trailer on any TV channel, YouTube or any other screen using ExRey application, they will get additional information such as links to IMDb, Wikipedia, Spotify and iTunes related to the scanned content and even links to online shopping related to the content.

How does ExRey work?

Here is a quick diagram that explains this simple process.

Viewer uses their smartphone to scan the video they are watching. The platform recognizes the video and provides additional information related to the content.

To summarize, there are only 4 steps to use the platform:


Users start
the app

They aim and
frame the video

They engage
your content

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