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Beyond Seen Screen is a new digital platform that allows you to effortlessly get ElementsInformation, entertainment, commercials, etc. related to the video content you are watching. You no longer have to manually search for that information. Buying products seen in the video becomes a simple process. You just start the BSS app on your mobile device and use it to scan the video you are watching. The BSS platform recognizes the video and provides you with the ElementsInformation, entertainment, commercials, etc. you were looking for.


When watching movies, people enjoy the story, characters, visuals, effects, and music. Sometimes while watching they see an actor that is so familiar, but cannot recognize from where? That song, it is catchy tune but who is the composer? What is the title of that song? The story? Was it based on true events? Can we get more information about it? The lead actor’s watch? Where can it be found?

By using Beyond Seen Screen, a content creator or advertiser can provide ElementsInformation, entertainment, commercials, etc. to answer all of these questions and even more to the end user. This can all be accessed by the Beyond Seen Screen app on their personal device.


Music fans love to get their hands on the new album from their favorite artists. When a new music video is premiered it gives the first glimpse of the new album and makes the fans thirsty for more.

When using the Beyond Seen Screen app, the fans can scan the music video and be automatically directed to buy the new album or buy tickets for the upcoming concert tour.


With Beyond Seen Screen you can access more information in the most intuitive way possible.

Production companies can provide ElementsInformation, entertainment, commercials, etc., such as links to different behind the scenes footage, as well as trailers for other new and exciting documentaries. All of these ElementsInformation, entertainment, commercials, etc. can be made easily accessible through Beyond Seen Screen platform.


Sometimes when you see commercials, you see something you would like to have.

Typically, you need to manually surf the web to find where to buy the product or use an online retailer. With the Beyond Seen Screen app, that experience can now be a streamlined experience, allowing you to directly purchase the product through the app.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality

Content creators can prepare a Virtual or Augmented Reality experience and can use the Beyond Seen Screen app to direct you to that experience.

By scanning the video with Beyond Seen Screen app, you can get a link to a VR/AR app that augments the content you are watching and immerses you into another dimension of video watching experience. Imagine watching a documentary about extreme sports and being directed to a wingsuit Virtual Reality game to play. Imagine watching a futuristic movie and being directed to an Augmented Reality app that can show you an enhanced experience.





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